Shreya Nirmalan wins Ms. AASU 2017!!!

Shreya Nirmalan wins Ms. AASU 2017!!!

We’re so proud of Shreya Nimalan *Artisan* competing in AKM’s Pageant and winning for Ms. AASU 2017! We know that Shreya’s heart of gold will bring her far and we rooted for her the whole way!

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Hear what Shreya has to say about her passion for dance:

“I always loved to dance; whether it was in front of my school or just dancing in the living room, I felt like I could just be myself. Learning Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form, gave me an outlet to explore my Indian culture and my religion and feel closer to both. It gave me the opportunity to share my culture with others and the confidence to perform in front of hundreds of people. Even if I do not get to perform as much anymore, I still appreciate all that I learned and try to carry those lessons with me in my daily life. Treat life like you are dancing in your living room – don’t be afraid to let go, have fun and express yourself!”