National History

Nationally, Kappa Phi Lambda was established on March 9, 1995 at Binghamton, New York by a group of seven women. Our founders: Elizabeth Choi, Karen Eng, Rei Hirasawa, Hee Cho Moon, Chae Yoo Park, Samantha Somchanhmavong, and Connie Yang each had the same vision of providing women with the chance to use their pride in their heritage to become leaders of society.

Kappa Phi Lambda is a culturally based sorority in which our founding mothers aimed to unite young women of differing heritages and encouraged them to make use of their strong voices and thoughts. Since the establishment of our sorority we have been open to women of all nationalities and backgrounds who want to learn about, actively speak for, and represent Pan-Asian culture.

Our seven founding mothers set a foundation and precedent for this Sorority. Through our pillars of Sisterhood, Service and Cultural Diversity they were able to make a real and impacting difference in the world around them and they hoped that their legacy will continue in the future.

The first sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda also extended their hands to the community through charitable works of both service oriented and philanthropic natures. All the while, they were given the opportunity to educate others about the beauty and complexity of Pan-Asian culture. Kappa Phi Lambda formed to provide the campus, and on a large scale, the society, with yet another option for learning, and another outlet for activity.

We have flourished into a strong and respectable organization that is recognized by many Asian American organizations, our peers, and Greek organizations from all over. Each Chapter & Colony of Kappa Phi Lambda continues the mission set forth by our founding mothers; however, each school is also unique in its own right, adding to our respect for diversity.

This is symbolic of the sisters that we seek. We seek for individuals who are unique, intelligent, ambitious young women who want to make a difference as leaders in our organization and in the culture we take pride in. Our ultimate goal, set by our founding mothers is to spread our vision and share our experiences with other exceptional young women, just like you and to just make it count!