Hear from sisters about why they chose Kappa Phi Lambda and what it is has done for them!

Without Kappa Phi Lambda, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Before joining, I was content living within the bounds I set on myself. Now I am blessed with limitless strength to chase my dreams hundreds of miles away from home all thanks to the unending support of sisters both locally and nationally.

Courtney Marasigan

Nu Class, Spring '11

Because there is always someone to come in the odd hours of the night if I am in trouble. I grew up with no siblings, but now I have thousands to love.

Jolie Quach

Rho Class, Spring '13

Being in Kappa Phi Lambda not only allowed me to see the aesthetics of different cultures, but also gave me the confidence and strength to believe in myself and to strive to be the best person that I can.

Jennyfer Wong

Xi Class, Fall '11

I’ve never been a sorority type of girl. This mindset took a turn for the better once I entered college, however. I realized  that I wanted to become a part of an organization that I can call my home away from home. I knew that being a part of a sorority was definitely the way to go… But which sorority? Everything about Kappa Phi Lambda drew me in to this wonderful group of girls that I now call my sisters. From the red that screams independence and fearlessness. The pillars that upheld what I believed in. To the girls within KPL that made me believe that sisterhood is nothing short of real and infinite.

Thuy Tu

Rho Class, Spring '13

Coming into college, I wanted to leave a mark at UF that was meaningful. Finding out about Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. and getting out of my comfort zone to recruitment was the best decision I made. Sometimes you just need to do things for yourself and hope for the best. I gained sisterhood that I know will always be there for me no matter what. I gained so much confidence, leadership skills and networking opportunities through the sorority.

Andrea Tham

Rho Class, Spring '13

Joining Kappa has given me more than I could ever imagined. I came for the sisterhood and that’s exactly what I got, plus so much more. I got a support system that encouraged me to push my limits and reach for higher heights. Kappa Phi Lambda has given me opportunities to enhance my leadership skills and become more confident in both social and business settings. My emotional intelligence has increased ten-fold as has my professionalism. But most importantly, I gained a Greek community and life long friendships, both within and outside of UF. The experiences and memories I have had through this organization are unforgettable and has shaped and molded my college career. This was, by far, my best decision in college and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Kaitlyn Rewis

Upsilon Class, Spring '15

Kappa has pushed me to my full potential. The bonds I have created within the sorority are so real and long-lasting… I’m so proud to rep red, white, and heather gray!

Katherine Wang

Chi Class, Spring '16

Being a Kappa was one of my most memorable college experiences. Take a chance. Try it and see if Greek life is for you. It’s never too late and I promise you’ll have no regrets.

Patricia Reyes

Sigma Class, Fall '13

I was always discouraged about joining a sorority even before I came to college, mainly because of the stereotypical stories I see and hear about them. But theses stories we see or hear are not always applicable to every one of them. I found this out after I met and joined Kappa Phi Lambda. They brought me home, watched and helped me grow, and provided me with the best sisterhood and family that I could ever ask for.

Anna Huang

Chi Class, Spring '16

When I think of my best decision for myself as a whole, I remember the moment I decided to join Kappa Phi Lambda. Not only did I meet some of the most caring, supportive, and empowering women but also I created bonds that will last a lifetime.

Sarah Bae

Chi Class, Spring '16

Kappa Phi Lambda was the first place on campus I was finally able to call home away from home. Coming to UF, I was lonely and never felt fully accepted in any social group. However, after crossing Spring 2015, I know that no matter where I am, whether I’m in Gainesville or half way around the world, I’ll always have these group of ladies I can laugh with (or at haha), perform beside, shed tears with, and overcome any obstacle that may come our way. Kappa has taught me to open my eyes to accept and understand a bigger world full of so many diversified people. I’ve come a long way since joining, mentally and emotionally, and I don’t regret any of it. It’s definitely the best decision I’ve made here on campus and in my life thus far.

Gina Nguyen

Upsilon Class, Spring '15

If you met me before I became a part of this eternal sisterhood, you’d be ashamed of how antisocial and unmotivated I was. Don’t let it be a stereotype that only extraverts belong in sororities. I’m a full-blown introvert and I am honestly so grateful for what Kappa Phi Lambda has given me. In just one semester, I have grown so much professionally and emotionally — meanwhile developing irreplaceable bonds with the most unexpected people.

Ynhi Le

Chi Class, Spring '16